"I find Brendan McFarland to be a very skilled an intuitive designer. His presentation and technical skills are excellent and his understanding of interior spaces is combined with a solid aesthetic sensibility. His work for me has always been thorough, complete, timely and accurate. He is a very personable fellow and eager to help visualize and communicate the goals of any project."

- Derek R. Lauer, AIA

"Brendan has excellent design skills and talent. His renderings are precise and communicate his ideas flawlessly. His attention to detail reveals his extensive thought process throughout every design." 

- Brittany Ottensmeier, Interior Designer

"I can’t express how great Brendan is as a designer. He is so talented in all aspects of the design process, but is truly inspirational when it comes to his 3D digital renderings. Every new rendering is better than the last. His unique use of color, innovative design strategies, and attention to detail really sets the bar high."

- Jessica Laurinaitis, Interior Designer

"Brendan has done an excellent job for us in providing accurate as-built floor plans for our renovation projects, which we are able to show to our designers and prospective buyers. He is professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with. The floor plans are an excellent sales tool as well."

- Jan Duke, Duke Homes, LLC