Learn Interior Design with SketchUp!

My new youtube tutorial series

My new youtube tutorial series

I’ve started my YouTube tutorial series Interior Design with SketchUp for designers and students who want to use SketchUp for their projects. I'll be doing videos on best techniques, setting up your template, modeling my favorite interior items such as furniture and light fixtures, and offering lots af SketchUp tips, tricks, and goodies!

This is something I've wanted to do for awhile, so I hope you’ll join me! Subscribe to my channel to be notified as I release new content and sign up here for the upcoming Interior Design with SketchUp tutorial blog. Yay!


Working with freelance artists. A win-win!

Working as a freelance designer and visualization artist was a huge decision for me. Or rather it was a very easy decision because I knew exactly the type of work I love doing and exactly what my interests and talents are. So it just made sense. However, as any small business owner knows, it’s a huge decision starting your new business that requires putting everything you've got into it.

With this in mind, I founded Space PlanIt to mainly focus on helping small interior design firms with their needs. Creating design visuals can be very time consuming and often very tedious, and many great designers just don’t have the time to spend creating beautiful visualizations of their projects to present to their clients. Designers have enough to think about and need to spend time reaching out to new clients, selecting materials and products, updating the seemingly endless social media platforms, and of course, working on the business admin stuff.

Hiring freelance is a great way to meet the needs of your design business. It allows per-project flexibility without the overhead and training involved in hiring new staff. Many junior designers have a great eye for design, but lack the software expertise to create great renderings and presentations. And it’s no wonder. Design software is complex, and even programs that tout how easy they are can be challenging once you really get under the hood. Heck, I do it full time and there’s still so much more to learn. Advanced 3D modeling, photorealistic rendering, and successful Photoshop post-production are skills that take time to master. It’s all very satisfying to me and I’m here to help your business get great results.

I can assist with any stage of your design process, from space planning, conceptual design, product and materials selection, mood boards, presentations, and of course, beautiful renderings of your finished layouts.

Want more information on working with professional freelancers? Check these out…



Music Studio Concept Design

Recently I was tasked with a pretty cool project in which I was to draw up some designs for a music studio mixing room. This was fun because it's quite a different atmosphere than designing say, a typical bedroom. Back when I was in high school I got on this kick where I wanted to design high end custom home theaters, so while not exactly that, this gave me a chance to learn about some of the equipment and the proper way to arrange it in the space. Cool!

There are tons of considerations when laying out a room like this. You've got soundproofing, angled walls so there are no parallel surfaces, bass traps, acoustical ceiling clouds. There are specific angles the speakers need to be set at and specific distances to be seated away from the speakers. It's all really scientific and definitely very cool. Check out this article over at Arqen for an overview of the process.

For a review of the acoustical design course you took in college, check out this one from Residential Acoustics, a very good resource if you're working on a home theater project or any other project with acoustical considerations.