What type of blog is this anyway?

Interior design blogs are in no short supply and I don't expect to keep pace with those who do it for a living. Besides, I'd rather spend my time designing and drawing than posting about the latest color trend. So why have a blog at all? Well, a few reasons. There are things I would like to discuss that are of interest to me and the interior design world at large. Things like cool new building products, 3D modeling and rendering techniques, materials I love, projects I'm working on, issues we face as designers, or any number of things. Getting feedback and learning from the design community is something I hope to achieve through this.

Most design blogs are geared towards homeowners and the DIY lot, but as my work is geared more towards working directly with professional interior designers I will be focusing on topics that are relevant to that community. I won't be giving (many) decorating tips here, but hopefully we can have some good discussions and I can share some valuable resources that will be useful in your work.